About me

I have always had a love for the crafting of communication, for finding just the right turn of phrase to tell the story, and that has been the connecting thread winding through my career. More recently I have come to love the way storytelling and communication can be done in innovative new ways across digital platforms.

I started my career as an English teacher at a highly regarded bilingual Slovak high school, Evanjelické Lýceum, located in the country’s capital, Bratislava. As a young English teacher living abroad thrown into an unfamiliar and sometimes chaotic teaching environment, I quickly learned valuable skills in managing both people and workflows, as well as how to navigate challenging, often unpredictable situations.

From Slovakia I made my way to Boston, where studied at Emerson College, had the opportunity to teach in the undergraduate marketing program, and received my MA in Integrated Marketing Communication. Since graduating, I have had the opportunity to sharpen my skills in variety of different settings–everything from small start-ups and non-profits, to a Fortune 100 company.

At present I am Marketing Manager, focused on content and digital strategy, at Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston. Mass General was rated the #3 hospital in the country by US New & World Report in 2016, and remains the top hospital on the East Coast. In my work with the Psychiatry and OB-GYN departments, I help create content that communicates the amazing work done by our clinicians to increase recognition of the hospital, and attract potential patients, medical students, and referring providers.